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HWES bird control: deterrents keep them away, we clean up droppings. Enjoy a bird-free space!
HWES bird deterrents prevent droppings and clean up existing messes. Keep your property bird-free.

In urban environments, pigeons pose a significant challenge, often earning the nickname 'rats with wings.' Their scavenging habits can lead to mess and inconvenience. At Health-Wise, we specialize in humane bird trapping solutions, ensuring a cleaner and more hygienic urban environment. Trust us to address the challenges of urban bird populations, providing effective and responsible solutions for a pest-free space

"Discover the comprehensive health solutions HEALTH-WISE offers to address your pigeon infestation. Our range of effective strategies includes the use of spikes, stakes, and gel deterrents, as well as innovative light and sound methods, all designed to discourage pigeons from common roosting areas. To maximize effectiveness, we implement the exclusion method, utilizing advanced wire mesh to block off all potential entry points where pigeons could access your home or business. With our integrated approach, we ensure a thorough and lasting solution to protect your space from the health risks associated with pigeon infestations."

"Guarding your environment from the impact of avian presence is crucial, as pigeon droppings are associated with three human diseases: histoplasmosis, cryptococcus, and psittacosis. Beyond health concerns, their acidic feces threaten infrastructure, corroding metal structures such as gutters, eroding stone buildings, and even causing damage to lawns. At Health-Wise, we specialize in comprehensive bird and pigeon control services, offering effective solutions to safeguard your space from health risks and structural damage."

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